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Tijuca National Park, the fourth largest urban forest in the world

Atualizado: 24 de Ago de 2019

The Tijuca National Park, in

Taunay waterfall, Tijuca Forest - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, is the fourth largest urban forest in the world, ie it is the 4th largest forest within a city. Being located in the middle of the city of Rio, the Tijuca Forest has borders with all the 4 zones of the city of Rio: south zone, north zone, west zone, and central / east zone. Recovered and back to life, Tijuca Forest, which was almost completely deforested for coffee planting, is now the lung of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It has an area of ​​4 thousand hectares, having 95% of this area reforested by D.Pedro II over 13 years, from 1861.

Cariocas, as the locals of Rio are called, have a close relationship with the Tijuca Forest. Carioca's favorite program on a sunny weekend is to go to one of the dozens of beaches in the city. However, Tijuca Forest is the second choice in the heart of the cariocas, who love to bathe in the waterfalls of the forest and organize themselves in groups to make one of the many beautiful trails of the Tijuca Forest.

The best known and most cost-effective hike (physical x visual effort) is the Pedra Bonita trail, which does not require much of the hikers and offers a surreally wonderful view: Barra da Tijuca on one side, Pedra da Gávea in the middle and the South Zone with Christ the Redeemer and Guanabara Bay on the other side. With your tour guide in Rio, you can optimize time and access the beginning of the hike in just 30 minutes by car from your hotel. The hike itself is not heavy: it takes about 40 minutes walking uphill and another 30 minutes downhill.

Taunay Waterfall is the largest in the forest, about 30 meters high, and also the biggest attraction of the National Park, after Christ the Redeemer, which is also part of the Park. Near the Taunay waterfall, there is an area destinated for picnic and barbecue. This is a large area, but very crowded on weekends. Arriving early is crucial to have space at some table with barbecue.

Attraction that is not part of the usual city tours, as well as the rest of Tijuca Forest, the Chinese View, however, is one of the favorite places of Cariocas, who often frequent this beautiful lookout point to enjoy a different and exotic view of the city.

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