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​Find out why Santa Teresa is charming and romantic

Santa Teresa is considered by many the most charming and romantic neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Charming for its cobbled streets, art galleries, houses with colonial architecture and their hillsides and curves. Romantic for the gastronomy of the neighborhood, w​ith​ has several bars and restaurants of Brazilian food, and its ​viewpoints with wonderful views of the city of Rio.

Most art galleries are located in Largo dos Guimarães and sell handicrafts made by local artists. A little away from the main block of the Largo dos Guimarães area, pas​sing​ the Hotel Santa Teresa, is ​located ​Getúlio's atelier, which collects garbage and transforms it into art.​ In front of it, you find the most delicious portuguese weets desert at Alda Maria coffee house.​

Passing through Getúlio's atelier, Castelo Valentim is an old private house that has been transformed into a​ guest house and a party house with a wonderful view on its​ roof​ top. Located at the top of the hill, the castle offers a splendid view that covers the Serra dos Órgãos, Guanabara Bay, Flamengo Park and the city of Niterói. The Castle draws a lot of attention for those who pass by Santa Teresa for its eclectic architecture and with aspects of fortress.

The Dona Marta ​viewpoint is a short distance from the central part of the Santa Teresa neighborhood, within the Tijuca National Park area. However, hiring a private Rio de Janeiro guide to take you there and wait for you to return is an alternative to consider.

Ruins Park is ​a house that ​belonged to patrons Laurinda Santos Lobo, who organized parties and received artists and intellectuals, which made her considered the great patron of the Belle Époque carioca. This place was for many years in the 1920s the great meeting place for artists, intellectuals and politicians.​ ​​​Located ​in the central part of the neighborhood​, the Ruins Park is the most romantic place in Santa Teresa.​ From the roof top you can enjoy a view of the Sugar Loaf, Guanabara Bay, Niteroi and the downtown of Rio.​

Experiencing this tour with a private guide Rio de Janeiro will facilitate your logistics and optimize your time, making it possible to visit all that Santa Teresa has to offer. Pick me as your local guide in Rio and experience the best private tour in Santa Teresa!​

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