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7 beaches off the beaten path of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a big city, a metropolis. And Copacabana and Ipanema are the best known beaches around the world and by Brazilians themselves. However, there are some beaches in the city with nature still preserved that do not seem to be in Rio and that are part of the days off plan of some locals that seek less busy beaches. Below I will list some of the most beautiful beaches in the Marvelous City:

- Grumari: For many, it is considered the most beautiful beach in Rio. The beach is very popular by surfers and those who want peace, but which nevertheless has easy access. It is possible to arrive by car, including parking on the edge, which has not yet been urbanized with any buildings.

- Prainha: the most cozy beach in Rio, Prainha is also sought by surfers and those who want tranquility. It is located just before Grumari beach, so access is just as easy. Parking has few cars, so you must arrive early.

- Praia da Joatinga: located at the base of a cliff in the residential neighborhood of Joatinga, the beach is one of the smallest in Rio de Janeiro, with only 300 meters long. To reach this beach, you must go through a private condominium, which despite having a guardhouse safely, everyone is allowed entry.

- Barra, Reserva, Recreio, Macumba: in this order, for those coming from Copacabana, it is possible to visit these beaches in sequence by driving along the entire coastline.

Barra is an urbanized beach that has the nickname "Brazilian Miami".

Reserve is still wild, without urbanization and much calmer than Barra.

Recreio is also urbanized, but with low buildings.

Macumba has excellent waves and is little urbanized.

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