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Gastronomy of Copacabana: 4 tips to visit in the neighborhood

Copacabana fair street market

Copacabana is known worldwide for its beach, filmed in several films in recent decades. However, the Copacabana neighborhood has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Whether for a coffee or a dessert, or a steakes carvery, Copacabana offers a rich gastronomic variety to tourists!

Having breakfast or a late-afternoon snack at Copacabana Fort Colombo Confectionery is perhaps the number one tip today, not only for Copacabana, but for the city of Rio de Janeiro, for those who seek the combination of a light meal appreciating a beautiful view: the full length of Copacabana beach can be enjoyed with the imposing Sugarloaf hill in the background.

The Churrascaria Palace is also unanimous when considering a steak carvery in Copacabana. And this steakhouse is not only the number one of the neighborhood, for many it is also the best in town. From the excellent service of the restaurant's waiters, combined with the quality and immense variety of meats, this will surely be a memorable experience for meat lovers.

As in all neighborhoods of the city, Copacabana also hosts the daily street fair markets, which are street fairs where sellers of fruits, vegetables, fish, pastries and sugarcane juice are part of Rio's culture and embellish the city of Rio de Janeiro with color. Every day a street fair market takes place in a different street - and more than a fair to buy food, they are fairs where cariocas experience their own culture.

Last but not the bottom of the list in terms of quality, a tip for those seeking an experience that only locals know about: Adega Pérola, which is a seemingly normal bar but specializes in selling Spanish tapas and Portuguese snacks, which are sold at the front counter by weight and consumed at the bar tables, with cachaça, draft beer and wines, in a typical Iberian pub environment.

If you are looking for a Brazilian gastronomy experience, you can explore it and adventure yourself with me as your private guide in Rio de Janeiro!

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