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Discover the way of Rio de Janeiro's wild beaches

Atualizado: 24 de Ago de 2019

Grumari beach, the last one of the beach path

When it comes to Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is the first beach that comes to people's minds. Copacabana is the most touristy beach in Rio, urbanized by tall residential buildings, hundreds of Hotels and tourist centers. However, Rio de Janeiro has paradisiacal and totally wild beaches, without any urbanization. Prainha and Grumari are the favorite beaches for those seeking a lush nature.

Heading to the west of the city - where you can find the nowadays famous Barra da Tijuca neighborhood - you will get to know the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro that are beginning to emerge along the way of Rio de Janeiro's wild beaches. Passing Barra da Tijuca you will reach Reserva beach, which is one of the favorite of surfers. This beach, despite being close to Barra da Tijuca, is still wild and peaceful.

Passing through Reserve, we get to the neighborhood of Recreio das Bandeiras, which despite being urbanized, conserves a beautiful beach with a beach islet in front to the beach. Macumba beach is just after Recreio beach and is a beach full of waves and surfers, so still a wild beach.

The big moment of your journey arrives soon, after passing by Macumba beach, another untouched wild beach: you arrive to Prainha beach and right after Grumari beach! These are the most beautiful beaches in the entire Rio de Janeiro region.

And there is still a beautiful and exotic beach that can be visited in the beginning of this route: Joatinga beach! Joatinga is a special, reserved beach that goes down from a cliff to the sea. Its access is through a stone passage that begins at the top of the cliff and ends in the sand. It is not a difficult passage, everyone can handle it.

Do you want to experience this magnificent beaches and do the whole path of these beaches? Embark with me, your tour guide in Rio, on this beautiful tour of Rio beaches!

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